Sound Consulting to build and expand

FRP provides free, no obligations consulting with an initial assessment of your needs be them to start a business, to obtain personal or commercial insurance, to determine financial goals and to assess risk so that it can be properly managed.

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Diverse options for Financial Services

FRP can assist individuals, businesses and corporations in a wide rage of financial services from Factoring, Capitalization, Credit Lines, Loans and even seeking concessions and incentives.

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Insuring your present and future

FRP is a turnkey resource for all of your personal and business insurance needs. We can even work with you to create a boutique policy that meets or exceeds your individual needs.

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Let us help you build the success you deserve

From assessing your level of liability and risk to custom designing a solid foundation for you to build the skyscraper of success you desire FRP offers individualized solutions you can trust!

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This is what we do!

FRP works tirelessly to help our Clients reach and then exceed their individual goals by being a turnkey resource for their Consulting, Insurance and Financial needs. Let us serve you today!


Our CBDT (core business development team) provides our Clients with free consulting initially to determine their needs and offers ongoing Consulting Services that bring value to our Clients in a diversity of ways. We never sales pitch, we simply inform and let the information we provide resonate with our Clients.

Financial Services

Every Client has uniquely different needs and FRP can provide a wide range of Financial Service options to choose from. Once we assess a Clients individual needs we can then provide options to choose from.


The insurance options FRP can provide are as unique as our Clients themselves and when you give us the ability to quote your insurance needs we are confident that you will be very impressed with what FRP can offer.


From new developments to housing projects and everything in-between FRP can provide the insurance solutions you need today!

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From personal to commercial to fleet insurance FRP can be your resource for auto and equipment insurance. We offer competitive rates and unsurpassed service.

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FRP has the ability to custom create a boutique insurance policy that meets or even exceeds your individual needs. We understand insurance!

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FRP provides a no pressure free assessment of your individual needs so contact us today to schedule a free evaluation. You will be glad you did!